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         In the 2022 research of Knight Frank, one of the world’s leading real estate consultancy companies, Turkey was the country where real estate prices increased the most in terms of nominal and real prices. It delighted its investors by providing a return of 160 percent at nominal prices in 2022 and 45.9 percent above the official inflation data in the country. This increase was experienced similarly in all other cities, especially in big cities.


Due to its location, Turkey has always been the intersection of East and West and has been the capital of very large empires for thousands of years. Turkey is a geography that will never lose its charm and value due to its location, its surroundings being surrounded by seas and the oil and natural gas pipelines passing through Turkey.

It was selected as the country where real estate prices increased the most in the world in 2022.


From visa free access to over 100 destinations worldwide to no residency, interview or language requirements, obtaining a Turkish passport by investment is surprisingly straightforward. With Turkish citizenship, enjoy living in a culturally rich nation that places family, tradition and cuisine at ht heart of its values.

It is an investment that will always yield returns in dollars. Real estate investment in Turkey surpasses most investment instruments in the long run. Under these conditions, including rental income, it is clear that the best return tool will be real estate investment.

A city that is a candidate to become the aviation center of the world. The meeting point of east and west in air transportation.


Deutsche Bank Says Lira Bonds Will Be Top Investment in 2024
Still a few months early to turn bullish, analysts say ,Deutsche joins JPMorgan in betting on lira bond turnaround
Fitch lifts Türkiye’s medium-term growth forecast
Fitch Ratings have revised upwards its medium-term potential growth for Türkiye to 4.1 percent from a previous 3.9 percent.
World Bank lifts Türkiye’s growth forecast for 2023
The World Bank has revised its economic growth forecast for Türkiye for this year upward from a previous 3.2 percent to 4.2 percent
EBRD forecasts over €2.5 billion investment in Turkey for 2023
EBRD and ING Türkiye launch €100 million green and gender finance initiative
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has unveiled a significant funding collaboration with ING Türkiye and its leasing division, unveiling a €100 million finance package designed to propel environmentally sustainable projects and bolster female entrepreneurship within Turkey. The package includes an additional US$ 5 million from the Clean Technology Fund (CTF), emphasizing the commitment to ecological progress and inclusive economic growth.
Türkiye is an Important Strategic Partner in the Defense Industry
Continuing to build and strengthen the Hungarian defense industry is of strategic importance, and the sector provides a new opportunity for the Hungarian economy, Defense Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky stressed at a press conference following his talks with Turkish Industry and Technology Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacır in Budapest on Thursday.
Qatar participates in 14th Bosphorus Summit in Istanbul
Qatar participated in the 14th Bosphorus Summit, which took place recently in Istanbul, under the theme ‘Navigating the Next Century: Challenges and Promises’.

Why Istanbul Is One of the Best Places to Travel in 2024 — and What's New — According to T+L's Editor in Chief

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